The sprocket we manufacture is founded on many years of design experience.
Ductile cast iron (FCD600) is the standard material of sprockets for cast chain. If the application form requires, we also
manufacture sprockets with surface area hardened tooth techniques for higher wear resistance.
Mismatching of chain and sprocket can hurt smooth operation along with shortening lifestyle of both chain and sprocket. Important points for sprocket are as follows.
1.The teeth contour and pitch should be accurate and uniform.
2.Sprocket must have strong wear resistance.
3.Sprocket structure must be robust with high shock level of resistance.

Our conveyor chains and sprockets are engineered to top quality and performance standards. Wear resistance, mechanical strength, working temperature and coefficient of friction are important considerations.
Molded and machined sprockets available in a variety of tooth and bore sizes. Also, they are provided for all plastic chain and modular plastic material belt products. Our items are made to help our clients increase their productivity and enhance their working environment
The experts at Ever-power have already been dealing with chains and sprockets for many years. If you've caused other organizations and uncovered that you couldn't find precisely the right part to your requirements, that's not likely to happen right here! If we don't have the roller chain sprockets or conveyor chain sprockets that assembling your project requires in share, we can still custom produce per customer necessity. Plus, we keep thousands of unique sprockets in stock and are in a position to deliver them out the same day time. We realize that any downtime could be expensive, and we function hard to make sure that you're ready to go once again quickly and cost-effectively.
Finding Your Ideal Sprocket
Do you need a sprocket, nevertheless, you aren't sure exactly the thing you need? This universal problem is one which our Ever-power specialists hear on a every week basis. We excel at working with you to make sure that you get precisely the roller chain sprocket or conveyor chain sprocket which will keep assembling your project or machinery moving once again. Sprockets are for sale to a variety of uses from forestry to machinery, and everything among. It's just as important to select the correct sprocket as it is to make use of the right chain -- a mismatch can be catastrophic, causing harm to expensive machinery and even harmful accidents. See how Ever-power can help you find the perfect roller chain sprocket.
Struggling with how exactly to explain your sprocket so that you can find a different one? Here's a few of the questions that we often ask clients to help point them in the right direction:
Do you know what type of sprocket you need?
How is your sprocket becoming used -- since a drive sprocket or idler sprocket?
What's the diameter of the sprocket you need to replace?
How many teeth are in your sprocket?
What size chain are you using?
As you can plainly see, there is a advanced of complexity that goes in to ensuring that we recommend the precise roller chain sprocket or conveyor chain sprocket for assembling your project.
PEER Perfectly Pairs!
If you're replacing an entire system, you may need a matching chain to go with your sprocket. By replacing both of these items simultaneously, you may prolong the overall lifestyle of your machinery. Sagging chains are often to be blamed for inefficiencies that can trigger disfiguration of other areas due to inconsistent pressure or slippage. Replacing the sprocket by itself may not become enough to resolve the root problem you are experiencing. The good thing is that the educated team at Ever-power will continue to work with you to diagnose problems and make recommendations for the best and most cost-effective path forward.
Ready to get assembling your project back up and running quickly? You can also drop us a note at, and we'll work with you to ensure that we provide you with the specific roller chain sprockets or conveyor chain sprockets that you'll require.
Sprocket for Standard Conveyor Chain
Sprocket for conveyor chain is designed and made to optimum contour, materials, hardness, and precision to find the highest performance of conveyor operation.
We provide a line-up for RS2040 - RF2160 with S rollers, and RF2040 - RF2100 with R rollers.
Chains that make use of S rollers engage with every other tooth. Sprockets could have an extended life as chains engage with different teeth every time the rollers rotate (when actual number of tooth is odd).