Weld-On Hubs are available in 3 styles to match the user's preference for bushing mounting types. They are stocked for apply with:
TB Bushings
QD Bushings
DST Bushings
All MasterDrive Weld-On Hubs are machined from metal.
Weld-On Hubs are commonly used in combo with plate type sprockets and conveyor pulleys to supply for even more shaft engagement.
Are manufactured to accept Taper Lock Bushings. Two types can be found. Type S and Type W. Type S offers a shorter size through the bore, and Type W a more defined registration flange to aid with positioning and concentricity for welding.
Are manufactured to accept a QD style flanged bushing.

Accepts DST-Twice Split Taper design bushings.
These bushings are keyed to both shaft and hub. The external key provides positive drive with no torque on the cap screws. DST bushings allow for the highest torque carrying capability.
The nitro weld on hubs are bored to size hubs that can be used with weld on sprockets, pulleys or even custom applications. All of our hubs happen to be an "X series" hub, which means they're compatible with any "x series" sprockets or pulleys. Sprocket X hubs are available in finished bore, square bore, hex bore, idler and splined bore. Bore sizes range from 1/2" ID up to 1-1/2" ID. The Nitro weld on hubs are produced from 1045 CD (freezing drawn) steel and finished with a dark-colored oxide coating.
Weld-On Hubs are created from steel, Weld On Hubs china drilled, tapped and taper bored to receive Tapered
Bushings. They are very valuable for welding into pulleys, plate sprockets, impellers,
agitators and many other devices which must be firmly fastened to the shaft.
Weld-about hubs are constructed of 1015-1025 steel, drilled, tapped and taperbored to receive the taper-lock bushing. They are useful for welding into lover rotors, pulleys, plate sprockets, etc., which should be firmly installed onto shafting. Four types of hubs can be found from stock.
Weld-in hubs are constructed with low carbon steel for good welding compatibility. They are useful for welding into fan rotors, impellers, agitators, etc., which require secure mounting to the shaft. A typical type is available in addition to one which is specifically created for use in the long run disc of a conveyor pulley.
Type S Taper-lock - formerly designed for use in more compact sprockets, now well suited for a great many other lighter-duty applications
Type W/WA Taper-lock - rugged, full-duration size for single-hub, heavy-duty applications
Type F - includes a bigger flange diameter which can be welded into standard metal tubing to fabricate conveyor pulleys or perhaps process rolls
Type K - smaller sized style, especially useful for two-hub building, such as for example conveyor pulleys Taper-lock bushings
Both are constructed of steel material with rugged, compact patterns to support most bushings sizes.
Ever-Power is a trusted distributor of precision weld-on hubs. Weld-on hubs works extremely well for welding to create “B” or “C” design sprockets and for various other applications. Distinctive dimensional hubs are available per your specs on a made-to-buy basis.
Manufactured from Steel to provide a convenient means to secure supporter rotors. Metal pulleys, platewheel sprockets, impellers etc. to a shaft. The Shouldered external diameter permits easy location. Taper bored to suit taper lock bush sizes 1210-5050.
Chain & Drives stock the complete selection of Weld-On Hubs to check our coupling, pulley and sprockets share in short reach and very long reach models. They might be employed in assisting the utilization of taper suit bushes to melt your devices to a powered shaft.
Taperfit or QD weld-on hubs happen to be for apply in the fabrication of conveyor pulleys, plate sprockets, followers and impellers. Weld-on hubs are created from low carbon steel for good welding compatibility.

Weld-about hubs are created from 1015-1025 steel, drilled, tapped and taperbored to get the Taperfit bushing. They are useful for welding into fan rotors, pulleys, plate sprockets, and must be firmly mounted onto shafting. Four types of hubs are available.
Weld on hubs can be purchased in many different variations such as for example: stock bore, complete bore, Q-bushed, taper-bushed, and BM-bushed. These hubs are made from bar steel and applied for welding to produce “B” style sprockets that include stock bore, finished bore, together with styles of bushed sprockets. Special hub dimensions can be found per your specs on a made-to-buy basis.