The drag chain test made with our equipment certifies the cable capability of bending along the chain path
The movement patterns are run through the wt drag chain china classic trapezoidal course profile for reflecting the strain placed on the cable in the Customer’s application. The cable is subject to bending movement through trolleys that run at high acceleration on precision guides, driven by cogged belts. It is possible to check up to 4 chains at the same time with the same products, with a pulling capacity up to 3000 N
The test parameters (traversing distance, acceleration time, optimum speed and number of cycles) are adjustable and settable through a touchscreen panel. During the test routine, the cables are examined by an external measuring system: in the event of cable break, the corresponding counter stops and the machine continues to use and test the rest of the samples until their last break (this program can be modified according to the requirements).
All characteristics could be personalized according to Customer requests.